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About Loyola School Affiliated to the ICSE Board, New Delhi: KE156

Unlike all the Jesuit schools of Kerala Province there is a uniqueness about Loyola School Mukundara. It is situated in a remote village area. The parents are just ordinary and yet they are very particular that their children should have the best education possible.

Hence they set apart a good amount of their earning for the education of their children. The parents know the school and also know the difference in the training that is given in the school.

Staff Training

The staff is continually updated in their English proficiency. Loyola School insists that teachers should have quality and caliber. This quality is ensured by various activities that include Phonetic classes, written compositions, reading practice etc. The teachers made aware of the Social situations and social realities through workshops, seminars, orientation classes, motivational talks by experts.

Student Empowerment

For the students too there are ample opportunities for leadership. The school assemblies offer them with plentiful chances to demonstrate their histrionic talents. There are periodic competitions wherein they can participate and bring out their innate potentials. Various clubs functioning in the school enable them to develop their dormant skills. Skill development is a unique and strong point in the school and all Saturdays are set apart for Skill development. Thereare activity boards placed in different sections of the school where they can exhibit their talents in painting, drawing, composing etc.

The whole school is divided into Four houses – Green, Red, Yellow and Pink. There are occasional house-wise competitions. The school assemblies are made colorful through these competitions. Ecology and protecting the environment is a primary concern of the school. Various activities aimed at meaningful celebration of National Days and Festivals are being held. Leadership training and camps will be part of the curriculum. Scientific curiosity will increase as a result of ATL. Emotional problems of children will be handled by the student counselor.

To instill social awareness among the students, the senior studentsare taken to old-age homes and institutions where physically and mentally challenged persons are looked after.

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