Loyola Anthem

Loyola Anthem Loyola School, Mukundara, Trivandrum

School Anthem

We are the noble Loyoleans,
Born for greater things.
We are the blazing fire,
Kindling numberless lights.

'En todo amar y servir'
To love and to serve in all things.
'Ad majorem dei gloriam'.
For the greater glory of God.

We are filled with passion for magis,
In faith, justice and mercy.
Fostering talents and skills
We're girls and boys for others. (We are the noble...)

Ours is a home of excellence,
Good reading makes us wiser,
Caring for life and cosmos,
We protect our mother Earth.

We are the scions of Kerala
Bharat Matha our Mother,
Being ourselves channels of peace
We stand for love and tolerance. (We are the noble...)

Taking heed to the spirit's movements,
Together to make a difference.
Growing ever more universal,
We'll build a global community

We are striving in earnest to grow,
In discernment, courage and confidence.
Inspired by teachers and parents,
We shall achieve honour and glory. (We are the noble...)

Lyric: Fr. Syriac Panjikaran, S. J.
Music: Sr. Gracelet, pddm

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