School Emblem

School Emblem Loyola School, Mukundara, Trivandrum

The Emblem of Loyola has been designed by Fr. Roy Thottam S. J. a Jesuit artist of international renown. The school adopted this emblem since 2010.

The Emblem is designed to highlight the following features

  • The Human Hands: The work of human hands transforms the universe.
  • The Flame: The flame is held in the human palms reminds the Loyolite that they ought to brighten the lives of human persons. The lamp burns out giving light to others.
  • The Globe: Represented by the circle refers to the universality of a Loyolite that goes beyond the barriers of narrow domestic walls.
  • Ad Majora Natus: This means 'born for greater things'. Loyolites are always aware of this that they are born for greater things.
  • AMDG: The full form is 'Ad majorem Dei Gloriam'. It means: 'For the Greater Glory of God'. This motto of St. Ignatius Loyola has been the guiding force of Jesuits and millions of their associates down the centuries. The idea of Magis emerges from this motto.
  • The Twelve Stars: They represent Holy Mary, the mother of Jesus, who is the seat of Wisdom. It is the mother who accompanies the children everywhere, especially in their pursuit of attaining wisdom.
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