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Unlike all the Jesuit schools of Kerala Province there is a uniqueness about Loyola School Mukundara. It is situated in a remote village area. The parents are just ordinary and yet they are very particular that their children should have the best education possible.

Hence they set apart a good amount of their earning for the education of their children. The parents know the school and also know the difference in the training that is given in the school.



Character formation, psycho sexual formation, academic discipline and excellence, sense of self responsibility, promotion of scientific temper and self-learning, appreciation for art and literature, rational thinking, mastering language skills, cultural rootedness, training for team work, gender respect and sensitivity, health and hygiene, sporting spirit, creative, innovative and inclusive thinking and action, love and care for nature, promotion of multiple intelligence, self-awareness and social awareness with respect for rules and regulations, instilling a sense of divine, are some of the focus areas of the formation of Loyola school. Extensive programmes are in place to promote and facilitate these focus areas.


Interactive, participative, and innovative methodologies are adapted in class rooms and in other learning contexts. Extensive use of digital contents, Loyola Multiflex and smart class room facilities make learning visually appealing and exciting. Group works and projects are promoted to the fullest extend to promote team work and team learning. Student-centered and eliciting approaches are adapted to address the attention deficiency and related issues. Academic targets are fixed for each grade and systematic remedial programmes are offered to weaker students. Demanding standards, well designed modules, regular evaluations, special attention to weaker students, focus on handwriting and language mastery make the learning process dynamic and vibrant. In addition to these much emphasis is given in declamation, creative writing, quiz, promotion of general reading and regular reading of English newspaper.  For this purpose digital copies of The Hindu is made available for all students.


It is said an untrained soldier always lives at the mercy of his adversary. Numerous training sessions are organized for our students to empower them physically-emotionally-mentally-and psychologically- to face the complexities and the challenges of our time. Self- confidence building workshops, Sex education, Self-defence training, Anti- drug sessions and seminars, are some of the special trainings offered during this period. We express our gratitude and appreciation to the resource persons from various departments and agencies for their valuable time and assistance. We particularly acknowledge the commendable contribution of three of our associate staff, Mr. Jonath John, music and Communicative English instructor and Mr. Shaiju Alex, Malayalam language and creative writing trainer and Ms. Nanditha Cleetus, the choir trainer.



Saturdays are set apart exclusively for skill training programmes.  The students are being trained by professionals in various fields like Key board, Guitar, Violine, Drums, Roller skating, Karate, Classical dance, Chess, Abacus, Drawing, and School Band and School Choir. On Saturdays during the special morning assembly students get opportunity to exhibit the skills they master. Regular GK quiz is also conducted during the Saturday assemblies.


Annual Sports Meet

“The five ‘S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is Spirit.” Participation in the sports activities boosts students’ confidence, determination and resilience. The annual sports meet is a spectacular event which demonstrates the sporting talents and discipline of our students. Our PT instructor is Ms. Saritha Kumari. TEAM is the spirt our kids and teens need to learn. To bring out the creative and collaborative spirit among our students and for conducting various sporting and other events the entire students have been grouped into four Houses namely, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue.

Permanent Afiiliation

CISCE board demands excellence in every area of training. I am extremely happy to inform you that appreciating all that we are doing at Loyola School to provide quality education in a rural area the Board has granted us Permanent affiliation to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi, with school code KE156.


Loyola Play Land

Loyola ICSE school Mukundara is a school that offers not only quality education but also a variety of fun and exciting activities for its students. One of the most attractive features of the school is its newly constructed kids park, christened Loyola Play Land. Loyola Play Land is specially designed for the students of kindergarten and lower grades. The park has everything that a child could dream of: large slides, different types of swings, seesaws, revolving rides, bicycle rides, dance and music facility, and a large open area for games. The best part is that the park is set under natural settings, under lush green trees that provide a cool and refreshing canopy. The park is also enclosed with wire mesh and gate for safety, and the floors are highly attractive with three-dimensional and colourful interlocks. The park can accommodate about 100 kids at a time, making it a perfect place for the students to enjoy and learn together.

Loyola Multiflex

 Loyola ICSE school Mukundara, is a school that combines quality education with modern technology and innovation. One of the most amazing attractions of the school is Loyola Multiflex, the air-conditioned school theatre that was added in the year 2022. Loyola Multiflex is a state-of-the-art theatre that has stunning interior works, magnificent lights, and excellent visual and audio facilities. It has a capacity of 120 persons and can be used for various purposes. Loyola Multiflex can handle all the needs of the school community, be it screening high resolution movies for academic and entertainment purpose conducting training programmes for faculty and students, holding meetings and seminars for students and parents, or hosting PTA meetings. Loyola Multiflex is a rare facility that very few schools in our state may have, making visual learning exciting and engaging. Loyola ICSE school Mukundara believes that modern facilities are vital for digital learning and for preparing the students for the future. Come and experience Loyola Multiflex, the air-conditioned school theatre that will make you proud to be a part of Loyola ICSE school Mukundara.

PFB Meta Buzzer

Loyola ICSE school Mukundara is a school that offers quality education along with modern technology and innovation. One of the most stunning features of the school is the recently installed 14 feet long and 8 feet high imposing HAWAII LED wall -PFB Meta Buzzer. This facility is an advanced version of LED indoor display with high resolution pictures. It is a game changer in school learning. The entire indoor transforms into a large theatre with the installation of such a spectacular LED display. This facility was added on the school reopening day 1 June 2023. The facility is supported with excellent audio facility and surrounding ambiance. The facility provides excellent background ambience for any programme in addition to the screen for visual presentation of high- resolution videos for various occasions. The facility has many advantages for school learning, such as: It captivates the students’ interest, attention and curiosity by providing immersive and interactive visual content. It simplifies the delivery of complex and abstract concepts in science and Maths by using animations, simulations, and demonstrations.

It develops critical thinking and problem solving by exposing students to different perspectives and challenges. It could open up the wonder and mysterious of our world before the students PFB Meta Buzzer is one of the rare features that any school may have. It is highly suitable for engaging large number of students for training programmes, for conducting quizzes, regular assemblies, extended lectures, for various celebrations, musical and cultural shows etc. All these facilities are provided to our students because we believe in giving the best and most advanced facilities to our students. Loyola ICSE school Mukundara is a school that equips its students for the future by providing them with the latest technology and innovation. Come and experience the PFB Meta Buzzer, the imposing LED display that will make you proud to be a part of Loyola ICSE school Mukundara.


Loyola ICSE School, Mukundara is proud to have an Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL), a workplace where our students can explore, experiment, and innovate with various tools and equipment related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). ATL is the part of Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), an initiative of the Government of India to foster creativity and problem-solving skills among young minds. Through ATL our students get an opportunity to work on real- world challenges, learn from mentors, and participate in national events and competitions

The facilities and the ambience of Loyola ATL is unique and fascinating. The lab was inaugurated on 1st April, 2022 by Ms. Jaya G Nair, Divisional head VSSC, ISRO.  ATL is a scheme of the Central planning commission Niti Aayog to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds and to train young students in skills like design mindset computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc. 60 students from grade 6 to 9 were trained in the academic year    2022 -23 under the guidance of experienced trainers. 


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